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Process managements

Process management within digital stress

LEARN TO define, IDENTIFY, Act upon, and Manage DIGITAL STRESS

It's not always enough to look at problems at the individual level in order to tackle a structure and change it. It can often be necessary for everyone to make a vigorous joint effort to effect change at the workplace. We take stock of your digital channels and their processes together with your managers, employees and other key personnel. We work with your specific challenges and together we set the rules that will apply to a sustainable digital climate at your workplace. 

Definition: What is digital stress?

Identify: Processes and tools that engender digital stress and which disrupt your operation

Act: Create rules and approaches to internal communication and unfettered work. Today's digital work environment affects the physical work environment. We help you established rules for a positive digital work environment

Manage: Change processes sometimes proceed relatively quickly and other times they run for longer periods with feedback on many occasions