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Mindfulness is a means to self-awareness. In essence, it's about quietly and calmly observing what goes on within oneself at any given moment. Initially, it can be challenging to do nothing but focus on oneself, one's breathing or that still, quiet voice. Our instructors are experts on mindfulness and in leading these sessions for ordinary people. They're here to help your employees unwind in what is often a stressful environment.


  •  Around 500 scientific articles about the effects of mindfulness are published every year. Here are some of the positive effects.

  •  Reducing stress levels on an individual and collective basis

  •  A break from digital tools

  •  Improved communication

  •  Better self-understanding

  •  Enhanced focus and concentration

  •  Learning to live in the here and now

  •  Improved sleep

  •  Greater creativity

  •  Lower blood pressure

  •  Greater empathy