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Lecture on digital stress

Digital Stress Training

LEARN TO define, IDENTIFY, Act upon, and Manage DIGITAL STRESS

Foundational lecture on digital stress. The tone of this lecture is practical, eye-opening and entertaining. It clarifies the problem of digital stress and provides insights on the importance of a positive digital work environment.

In a very short space of time, the smartphone, tablet and laptop computer have become tools available to everyone. But as each new digital temptation emerges, people feel increasingly ensnared by a spider's web of electronics. 

When we're online, we are getting constant thrills that provide dopamine boosts and give us a sense of well-being. Fifty sudden likes on Facebook is the kind of social reward that makes you keep on picking up and checking your smartphone.

Take charge of your own behaviour and be more present in your own life! This is a lecture for people who want to learn more about digital stress. The lecture is informative and provides a clear picture of what digital stress is and how it appears in society. The lecture will provide your organisation with specific tools for managing your electronics more effectively, thus providing the basis for increased productivity, better learning and better well-being.

Definition: What is digital stress? Who are in the risk zone? Risks and consequences

Identify: Common digital stress signals at work

Act: Suggestion and advices to companies and organisations for a more sustainable digital work environment

Manage: Learn to manage digital stress over the long-term and to be more proactive

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