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The Digital Challenge


The Digital Challenge

The fun way to combat digital stress


We've created the 21-day challenge so that you can make a positive change, individually and as a group. We know it's not easy. Which is precisely why we want it to be as much fun as possible and uncomplicated. Using the 21-day challenge, you create a new approach to digital stress that's more sustainable. One where people put technology to use, and not vice versa. We call it the post-digital company.

 The challenge will teach you a lot about the way you and your colleagues approach digital stress and the digital work environment, and provide tools that help you all get more work done and be more creative together.

  •  Definition: What is digital stress? Who are in the risk zone? Risks and consequences

  • Identify: Common digital stress signals at work

  • Act: Suggestions and advices to companies and organisations for a more sustainable digital work environment

  • Manage: Learn to manage digital stress over the long-term and to be more proactive

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