Fondberg & Wincent


The post-digital work life

Fondberg & Wincent attending World Youth Forum Egypt 2018

Fondberg & Wincent were invited to talk about the negative aspects of digitization that we humans should call. They became many interesting discussions with esporters, politicians and other corporate and other representatives of society and, not least, many young people.

However, most attention was given to the conversation between Patrik Wincent and Egypt's President Abdul Fatah al-Sisi as part of the large panel call organized during the conference. Patrik Wincent shows "The No-Phone" and makes the president laugh while informing about how important it is to be aware of what the digital stress can do with us. See the clip below.

About World Youth Forum
”The World Youth Forum is a free platform bringing together youth from around the world together with the decision makers and different influential officials. The forum is a chance for you to engage with top policy-makers in the region and network with promising youth in the region and the world that are determined to create change in the world we live in today. The forum is also a chance to explore Egypt with its rich culture, heritage and history. The Egyptian culture has a lot to offer for both locals and visitors who are looking for rich experiences. Whether you are interested in its ancient history, food, or any other adventure, Egypt, and its people are sure to fascinate you.”