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Who are we?


About us

Fondberg & Wincent is the leader in digital stress management for companies and organisations.
We offer training programmes, courses and consultancy services to help you benefit from the positive effect of digitalisation while reducing the negative consequences.

  • Our goal is to create sustainable patterns of behaviour within the digital work environment for all of our partners.

  • Our vision is to help every employee in our customers' companies to feel and perform better in a digital age.

  • We work with post-digital development in operations where there is a surfeit of information and where focus-building measures are the key to success.

Our history

When Patrik Wincent first understood in 2012 that digital addiction would be an enormous future behavioural problem, he decided to set up Video Game ER and Internet ER one year later, and in doing so he established the first company to offer solutions within this field for individuals. FONDBERG & WINCENT began its journey in 2017 when Ove Fondberg and Patrik Wincent together decided to found a new business grouping that specialises in helping companies and individuals manage the modern technological developments that today often result in digital stress.

This was also the year when Silicon Valley itself first began talking about the negative aspects of social media, apps and smartphones. Facebook founder Sean Parks said they knew they'd created something addictive that "exploited a vulnerability in human psychology". Tristan Harris, a former Google design ethicist, gave a TED Talk that made the world wake up to the dark side of technology's otherwise so important advances.

 In the meantime, more and more companies began contacting Patrik Wincent's Internet ER asking him to lecture about the negative aspects of excessive internet and smartphone use. This was the beginning of a new approach, one which would require the formation of a new company with a focus on one of the greatest problems facing workplaces all over the world, i.e. digital stress. Contact us to find out more.


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How do you experience digital stress? Do you need to work more systematically and proactively with the digital environment? How many people are there in your company? How would your workplace look without digital stress? How can we best help you?

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Patrik Wincent - Fondberg & Wincent

Patrik Wincent - Fondberg & Wincent

CEO & Founder

Patrik Wincent

Press photos

CEO and founder of Internet ER, Video Game ER and Shopping ER. Public forum speaker, opinion former, author. He has written a number of books about digital addiction and shopping addiction and is an authorised therapist. Extensive experience working with addiction and dependency problems. As an expert in the field, Patrik often participates in Sweden's TV3, the TV4 morning show, SVT, TV4 news and Rapport; the radio stations P3 and P4 and in Swedish newspapers such as DN, Aftonbladet and Expressen. Patrik is a popular lecturer in subjects involving different digital addictions such as video games, smartphones, the internet, social media and shopping. He has participated in TEDx talks on two occasions and anchors the Swedish TV show “Lyxfällan” (The Luxury Trap).


Ove Fondberg Fondberg & Wincent

Ove Fondberg Fondberg & Wincent

Founder, Board member, Chairman

Ove Fondberg

Innovator, visionary and entrepreneur


Patrik Forsberg Fondberg & Wincent

Patrik Forsberg Fondberg & Wincent


Patrik Forsberg

Education on the Kaospilots in project management, process management and business development He joined and started Sweden's first bitcoin exchange. Worked with Patrik Wincent for many years as a lecturer and coach in the field of internet addiction.


Camilla Häger Blomqvist Fondberg & Wincent

Camilla Häger Blomqvist Fondberg & Wincent


Camilla Häger Blomqvist

During the past 15 years, Camilla has interspersed consultancy activities with line positions such as sales manager, sales & marketing director and CEO. She has led and run a number of major change management projects and the companies she has worked with include HSB, Avantgroup, General Motors, Clavister AB (IT security) and Holmgrens bil. Her last line position was as sales director at Strömma Turism & Sjöfart AB.


Mats Hellman Fondberg & Wincent

Mats Hellman Fondberg & Wincent


Mats Hellman

Mats has broad and solid leadership experience as a product and business area manager, representative of global companies with a focus on telecommunications and IT. Mats has completed several positions of General Manager character with full P/L and has performed numerous such assignments both nationally and internationally.

As a business consultant, Mats has performed a number of assignments for companies. Examples include Aptilo Networks AB, a global IT / Telecom company with a leading position in Wi-Fi Service Management and ChromoGenics AB, a leading company in dynamic glass with controllable heat and light emitting with significantly improved indoor climate and increased energy efficiency as a result.

Mats has a good knowledge of and understanding of how strategy and operations interact, and he has successfully demonstrated how business operations can be developed in different companies.